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Performance of scipy.signal.medfilter

May 14, 2018

The median filter in scipy.signal is not optimal. Following this discussion, there are much faster implementations, even in pure python. However, the fastest method used here, running_median_insort, is not a drop-in replacement for scipy.signal.medfilt as it does not calculate the central median but the right sided median. However, by zero-padding as in the code below the behavior of the scipy implementation is exactly reproduced.

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Encrypt mails send by cron

Dec 11, 2017

Sometimes the status mails of cron jobs may contain sensitive information like filenames that are transmitted unencrypted via email. To encrypt the cron output with gpg to you and you admin, you can add the following to your crontab.

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Convenient ssh tunnel+proxy to use library access to journal pages

Nov 21, 2017

Using a ssh tunnel and local socks proxy in a browser is a convenient way to access journal pages that check for the IP range of the university. This script opens a ssh tunnel and launches a chromium session with the according proxy sessions.

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Histogram container for matplotlib

May 19, 2017

Histograming of data in multiple containers, or data that doesn’t fit into computer memory is inconveniant with standard numpy/matplotlib. To work around this, I created a small container class to use histograms as in CERN ROOT style:

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Moving this page to jekyll

Apr 17, 2016

as this page is basically static, it makes no sense to use a dynamic content management system as wordpress for it. So as of now I am using a static website generator jekyll to generate this page from markdown and plain html sites using few jekyll plugins and some javascript.

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